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Weekly Farm Share Box

Real Food Farm Fresh


Commit to a weekly share of what the farm has to offer. Vegetables, fruits, bread, eggs, - whatever is in season.

$60 per week


Farm Fresh Eggs


Chicken $6 / dozen

Duck $6 / 1/2 dozen

Goose $3 each

Quail $6 / dozen


Muscovy Ducks, Pigs

We breed Muscovy Ducks as meat birds and breeding stock and usually have some available in autumn but contact us about other times. Drakes $40, Hens $20, Breeding pair $50


When available pigs are sold at around 100kg, They are Hampshire/ saddleback breeds and  raised on milk, whey and vegetables and make very tasty. $250 / pig


Dairy Goats and Sheep

High Quality Milking Stock

Sheep are mainly East Freisian, some with other dairy breeds in them - Awassi, Lacaune. We usually have ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale either as newborns or weaned. Our lambs are in demand so its best to book what you want. Occasionally we have ewe hoggets or in milk ewes for sale with or without lambs at foot.

Goats are mixed breed British Alpine, Toggenburg and Sable. We have does and bucks available as kids or yearling does. 

All have good temperaments and are well socialised to people and easy to handle. They are well suited to small scale / home dairy.

Contact us for details and prices

Pet Lambs and Baby Goats

Enjoy the experience of bottle raising a baby


We can offer newborn lambs or kids for you to bottle raise. All babies will be established on bottles and have had the vital colostrum from their own mother. 

We will give you some sheep/goat milk to help them transition to milk powder (we don't supply powder) and can give advice on caring for them.

If you want the experience of the baby but don't have room for them when they are weaned, we can take them back to the farm.

We will only sell in pairs unless you already have company of their own kind for them.

Lambs and kids $25 each