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The farm name AislingQuoy means a field of dreams. More accurately it is a composite of Gaelic “Aisling” (a vision or dream) and Orcadian “Quoy” (an enclosed area where animals are kept, yard or field).


We are a small farm (5 hectares / 12acres) and our primary aim is self-sufficiency. We aim to produce as much as possible of our own food. What needs to be bought we prefer to be local and we try to consume as few artificial chemicals as possible. We follow permaculture principles in our farm practices and design and have many ongoing and future projects.

Your hosts Steve and Lyndal invite you to share a piece of our 'field of dreams'.

Affine keeping watch while having a snack in the willows



We have just one farmstay room and we love to share our farm with our guests. We are happy to show you round the farm and answer your questions. You are welcome to participate in any farm activities that are happening and if you have particular interests we will try to accommodate them. 


We can offer camping spots on the farm for self catered camping in either tent or camper van or there is a family room available in our rustic barn. A toilet is available in the barn but there are no other facilities. Please contact us for prices and options

We can offer farm tours, cheesemaking classes, and tours of the local area including our great local wineries. These are available to guests at the Farmstay or as options for any visitors.



We can also cater small functions in your home in the local area. Menus are designed to your own needs incorporating local and seasonal food as much as possible.

Interns / Volunteers / WWOOF

We take volunteers who are keen to learn about organic food production, holistic animal care and permaculture. We expect you to engage in the full experience of farm life, which will often be long days of work but plenty of variety and enjoyment to go with it. Please contact us for further information if you are interested.

AislingQuoy is a smallholding  in the beautiful rolling downs of North Canterbury. Our aim is self sufficiency without the unnecessary use of chemicals. We grow our own vegetables, and raise animals for eggs, milk and meat.


We keep goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry and have a pet dog and a farm cat. They all have important roles in the daily life of the farm and are all very well socialised and easy to handle. They enjoy human company - especially if you'll scratch their backs or rub their bellies! Our primary focus is goats and sheep and we are aiming to breed excellent dairy animals with good health and good temperament.


The goats are dairy goats, mainly British Alpine and British Alpine / Toggenburg cross. They usually have babies in September / October and we sharemilk. That means the mums raise the kids themselves and provide all the milk and we take the leftover. The kids stay with mum fulltime, we milk morning and evening.

​The sheep are primarily dairy sheep. We do shear and use wool but the primary purpose is for milk.  We bottle feed most of our future dairy lambs. There are usually lambs to be bottle fed from September until December.

The raw milk from goats and sheep is used to make our own cheese as well as for drinking. We have high quality dairy goats and sheep for sale as lambs/kids or yearlings. We also offer pet lambs or kids if you want your own delightful experience of raising a baby goat or lamb.


We produce all our own vegetables and a lot of scraps for the goats, pigs and chickens. We try to run a low till garden – meaning we dig and disturb the soil as little as possible. The garden is set up in raised beds and we practice rotational and companion planting as much as possible and plant by the moon.

We sell vegetables in weekly farm share boxes - please contact us for details



Chicken, Quail, Duck and Goose eggs have progressively richer flavours. We sell eggs, in season, from all the poultry.



We home kill all our own meat and butcher and process it ourselves. Our philosophy is that every animals deserves a good life, a good death, a good butcher and a good chef. We eat pork (and its associates, bacon, ham, sausage etc), lamb, goat, chicken, duck, and goose.


​Fruit and nuts

Our orchard produces small crops of apricots, apples, plums, pears, feijoa, and berryfruit. Nut trees provide hazelnuts and almonds with a future aim for chestnuts, walnuts and pine nuts.

For more pictures have a look at our gallery

Activities on the farm

Farm tours, milking, feed pet lambs, collecting eggs, cheesemaking, join in with harvest or planting or any farm activities that are happening

Go for a cycle ride to the beach
Walk to the top of the road for a lovely view of the coast
Walk down the local river bed – a nice loop walk
Relax in the hammock under a tree and read a book
Soak in the Jacuzzi

Have a quiet game of petanque in the sheltered farm courtyard
Play with baby goats

Contact Us or Call Us 021987812

We'd love to hear from you. Please leave us a message if we don't answer the phone as we are likely to be out working on the farm. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Steve and Lyndal Barkle

148 Maskells Road

Amberley 7481

North Canterbury


Tel: (64) 21987812 

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